Enterprise enrollment in Meydan, the liberated zones of the United Arab Emirates, provides visionaries an exclusive opportunity to operate a thriving enterprise. Meydan is strategically positioned in proximity to the hub of Dubai and offers a propitious commercial milieu and numerous merits for global investors. This piece has delved into the specifics of the enterprise origination procedure in Meydan OAE, the varieties of lawful entities and permits accessible, along with the diverse sectors of commerce and the primary advantages of establishing an enterprise in this locale. If you are contemplating initiating a venture in the United Arab Emirates, perusing this data will assist you in making a judicious choice and evaluating the potential of Meydan for your enterprise.

Process of registering a business in Meydan Free Zone

The process of starting a company in Meydan is relatively simple due to the favorable business environment and developed infrastructure of the free zone. First of all, the entrepreneur needs to decide on a suitable company structure and select the areas of business.

Then it is necessary to contact a consultant specializing in company formation in Meydan UAE. Experts in this field will provide qualified assistance at all stages of the registration process, which saves time and helps to avoid possible mistakes.

The representative or advisor will assist you in gathering and arranging the requisite paperwork, including the principal's identification, enterprise strategy, principal's dossier, and other pertinent records. They will also address your inquiries and offer counsel on enrollment prerequisites and processes, along with supplementary services that could prove advantageous to your enterprise.

Upon compilation of all requisite documents, the advisors shall formulate the corporate registration petition, tender it to Meydan, and guide you throughout the entirety of the proceedings. There might be a necessity for the provision of supplementary records and elucidations.

Upon accomplishment of the Meydan Liberated Zone commercial enrollment procedure and endorsement of your petition, you will obtain a enrollment credential and a authorization to conduct your elected pursuit. With the authorization, you will have the capability to commence executing your commercial enterprise.

It is crucial to observe that the enrollment procedure might differ contingent on the configuration of the enterprise and the selected pursuit. Hence, it is advised that you reach out to our specialists for precise counsel and personal assistance when initiating a venture in Meydan.

Types of legal entities available for registration in Meydan, UAE

One of the prevalent and well-liked categories of lawful entities to inaugurate a corporation in Meydan is a limited liability company (LLC). An LLC furnishes adaptability in administration and permits numerous proprietors to possess circumscribed responsibility for the corporation's commitments.

An alternative for commencing an enterprise in Meydan Unrestricted Zone is to inaugurate a satellite bureau of a prevailing corporation. Subsidiaries persistently sustain legal interdependence with the progenitor company and possess the capability to partake in analogous pursuits. Commencing a satellite bureau may prove advantageous if the corporation has antecedently forged a recognized trade and standing, and you aspire to broaden your undertakings in Meydan.

Every category of lawful organizations possesses distinctive attributes and benefits, and the selection relies on the precise requirements and objectives of the businessperson.

Available license types for company registration in Meydan Dubai Free Zone

License type



Permits enterprises to partake in media endeavors, encompassing dissemination, television, wireless communication, cinema, and alternative media undertakings.


Permits those wishing to open a business in Meydan to provide consulting and professional services in various fields such as finance, marketing, law, etc.


Facilitates your involvement in economic pursuits, encompassing the vending and dissemination of commodities.

Each of these licenses allows companies to engage in certain types of activities in MEYDAN OAE. The entrepreneur should select the appropriate license depending on the type of business planned and the company's objectives.

Necessary paperwork for corporate enrollment in Meydan Liberated Zone

  1. Business Enrollment Petition: This constitutes an official entreaty to commence a corporation within MEYDAN and encompasses fundamental particulars concerning the corporation, its originators, and supervisors.
  2. Replicas of identification documents belonging to the originators and executives of the company: Reproductions of identification documents belonging to all originators and executives of the company are necessitated to ascertain and authenticate their identity.
  3. Entrepreneurial Blueprint: Encompasses an exhaustive elucidation of the enterprise, its goals, tactics, marketplace, rivalrous milieu, and fiscal prognostications. The entrepreneurial blueprint aids in evaluating the feasibility and latent prospects of the organization.
  4. Evidence of corporate registered domicile: Those aspiring to commence a venture in the Liberated Zone of Meydan must furnish papers substantiating the corporation's registered domicile in MEYDAN, such as a tenancy accord or real estate credential.

These are the basic documents that may be required when starting a company in Meydan Free Zone. The entrepreneur is advised to consult a specialist or legal advisor to ensure that all requirements and documents comply with MEYDAN policies and procedures.

Types of possible activities for registered companies in MEYDAN UAE

Type of activity


Marketing and communication

Companies may engage in marketing and advertising services, brand development and communication strategies.

Consulting and professional services

Organizations have the capacity to offer advisory solutions across diverse domains like economics, jurisprudence, information technology, and other sectors.


Registered companies in Meydan Free Zone have the opportunity to trade in various goods and services.


Corporations have the capacity to partake in formulating and disseminating promotional content across diverse platforms and communication channels.

Import and export of goods

MEYDAN offers a prospect for enterprises to participate in the importation and exportation of diverse commodities on a global scale.

Registered entrepreneurs in the UAE MEYDAN zone can choose one or more of these business areas depending on their plans and goals.

Main advantages of starting a business with MEYDAN

  1. 100% foreign possession: Enrolling a corporation with MEYDAN empowers foreign visionaries to become the unequivocal proprietors of their enterprise. This entails that they can possess complete authority over their corporation, sans the necessity for indigenous collaborators or patrons.
  2. Absence of revenue and asset transference levies: Corporations enrolled in the Liberated District Meydan experience the advantage of immunity from revenue impositions. This enables innovators to preserve a more substantial segment of their earnings. Moreover, corporations have the liberty to effortlessly convey capital both within and beyond the UAE, granting pliancy in fiscal administration.
  3. Strategic Positioning: MEYDAN is situated proximate to the pivotal commercial hubs of Dubai and boasts a compelling advantageous positioning. This affords enterprises proximity to primary marketplaces, the corporate milieu, and prospective clientele. Furthermore, MEYDAN boasts commendable transportation infrastructure, encompassing airports, ports, and thoroughfares, thereby streamlining logistics and fostering connectivity to diverse regions.
  4. Simple amalgamation procedure: The corporate amalgamation procedure in MEYDAN is comparatively straightforward and effective. Owing to the straightforwardness of the methodologies, business owners can promptly initiate their enterprise and commence activities.

Starting a business in MEYDAN Free Zone provides entrepreneurs with attractive conditions and opportunities to successfully develop and expand their business in one of the most dynamic and attractive business zones in the UAE.

Registration of a corporation account in Meydan, UAE

Opening a corporate bank account in Meydan, is an important step after the successful incorporation of a company. To open a bank account, an entrepreneur must follow the following steps:

  1. Selecting a financial institution: Numerous banking establishments extend their services within Meydan. Business owners ought to investigate diverse banks and assess their stipulations, prerequisites, and services provided to choose the appropriate financial institution for their enterprise.
  2. Document preparation: Entrepreneurs should prepare the mandatory documents to apply for a bank account with Free Zone Meydan. These may include company incorporation documents, proof of registration, identity documents of the founder and director of the company, business plans and other necessary documents requested by the bank.
  3. Individual appearance: Occasionally, financial institutions might necessitate the attendance of the business proprietor or their duly appointed delegate to initiate an account. This could involve endorsing essential paperwork and verification of identity.
  4. Commencing Investment: Financial institutions might necessitate business proprietors to place an inaugural investment into a novel banking account. The quantum of this investment might fluctuate contingent on the financial institution's regulations and the nature of the account.

Business proprietors are encouraged to communicate with their financial institution to acquire comprehensive details regarding the prerequisites and protocols for inaugurating a financial account in Meydan. Furthermore, it is imperative to bear in mind that various financial institutions and categories of accounts might entail distinct criteria. Consequently, for a triumphant initiation of a financial account, it is crucial to be ready to furnish all the records stipulated earlier and satisfy the financial institution's conditions.

Time costs for company incorporation in Meydan Free Zone

The duration required for the establishment of a business in Meydan Free Zone typically fluctuates contingent upon diverse factors. The enrollment procedure commonly spans from several days to a few weeks. Nevertheless, the precise timeline might differ based on the chosen legal entity's nature, the meticulous preparation of requisite documentation, the intricacy of the procedures involved, and the existing workload of the registration authority.

For additional insights and to expedite the enrollment procedure, we suggest reaching out to an advisor with expertise in corporate registration within the Meydan Free Zone. This individual can furnish intricate scheduling details and assist you throughout every phase of the registration process.


Enlisting a venture in the Meydan Gratis Economic Area in the United Arab Emirates affords business proprietors distinctive prospects to operate a prosperous enterprise. The procedure of commencing a venture in Meydan is comparatively straightforward and streamlined.

There exist diverse corporate structures, such as Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) and subsidiaries, accessible for enrollment, alongside an assortment of permits, encompassing media permits, advisory permits, and business permits. To establish a business in Meydan OAE, requisite paperwork includes a business registration request, duplicates of the founders' and directors' passports, and a commercial strategy.

Enterprises enrolled in MEYDAN possess the capability to partake in a diverse array of endeavors encompassing promotional and communicative pursuits, expert advisory services, commerce, promotional undertakings, and the importation and exportation of a myriad of commodities. Initiating a venture within the MEYDAN Free Zone also affords numerous benefits, such as exclusive proprietorship for non-residents at a full 100%, a tactically advantageous geographical placement, and an uncomplicated enrollment procedure.

Should you seek further insights and expert assistance, kindly reach out to our organization. We possess substantial expertise in corporate establishment within Meydan. All communication details are available in the guidance segment of the website, or alternatively, complete the contact form.