Opening an investment account grants the opportunity to invest capital in various ventures, while also enabling one to administer their holdings. Such an account constitutes a variation of a brokerage account; therefore, those wishing to open an investment account abroad have access to financial markets. An open investment account confers the entitlement to transfer funds to and from it.

Entrepreneurs often have a question: is it possible to set up an overseas investment account independently, and if so, what are the suitable jurisdictions for its establishment. This review shall analyse these matters and delineate procedures for incorporating an individual international investment account.

Frequently, instituting several investment accounts are also contemplated. Certain brokerage enterprises proffer prospective clients an evaluative version of account utilisation. Hence, prior to the incorporation of a foreign investment account, platforms exist to trial their functionality.

Procedure of foreign investment account incorporation

The processes for instituting an overseas investment account may vary by jurisdiction. Attendant service charges differ contingent on one's selected state and brokerage firm. To establish an individual international investment account, financial institutions may require you to complete a dedicated form declaring details on:

  • comprehending high-risk activities,
  • the objectives for incorporation,
  • financial capacity,
  • prospective investment requisites.

Obligated and quantities of an initial minimum account balance depend on assorted determinants.

Documentation requirements for investment account opening

Notably, one can submit an online application for commencing a foreign investment account. This necessitates

  • furnishing scanned paperwork,
  • identification verification transpires via provision of driving licence, passport, National Insurance number or analogous documents.

If desiring to utilise options trading or supplementary benefits, more rigorous documentation conditions may apply. Among other requisite intelligence, one must submit:

  • professional status,
  • assets for investment/administration,
  • expected money transfers etc.

A proof of residence is frequently demanded.

The KYC procedure constitutes one of the obligatory protocols implemented by all institutions where one can create an overseas investment account. Although document requirements may be analogous, disparate brokers may request supplemental information per their discretion, contingent on location.

Optimal jurisdictions for foreign investment account opening

Prior to contemplating the incorporation of an overseas investment account, one must register a foreign company. With a pre-existing legal entity established, specific documentation must be gathered, and an application submitted for investment account commencement. Numerous options exist:

  • Investment account opening in the US
  • Investment account opening in Asia
  • Investment account opening in Europe
  • Investment account opening in Australia

If considering Asia, Singapore constitutes a favourable jurisdiction, necessitating the initial creation of a Singaporean investment firm followed by an application for a Singaporean investment account.

The world's largest stock exchange is in the US, rendering it a popular destination for foreign investors to institute American investment accounts. The alternative to incorporate an account with an American bank via an international branch is permissible.

The process for a European investment account parallels this: first, the registration of a European investment company, succeeded by the opening of a European investment account.

Timeframes for foreign investment account incorporation vary by country. Acquiring a pre-existing overseas investment firm with an active account represents an option for entrepreneurs disinterested in awaiting finalisation of registration processes and subsequent account opening delays.


Setting up an investment account endows its proprietor entitlements to commit finances in various ventures whilst administering said placements. Additionally, it enables stock exchange accession. For expedited usage, circumventing foreign enterprise registration and subsequent investment account opening documentation, acquiring a ready-formed overseas investment firm with an active account is feasible. Further particulars concerning this topic are ascertainable via a consultation on foreign investment account opening procedures.

What is imperative to acknowledge before overseas investment account opening?
Incorporation processes vary jurisdictionally; attendant fees fluctuate by country and brokerage entity. Financial institutions may require details on risk comprehension, objectives, financial capacity.
What are the fundamental documents for investment account opening?
Identification necessitates: driving licence/passport, National Insurance number, or equivalents. More exhaustive prerequisites may apply, including on occupational situation, assets for investment/administration, expected monetary transfers etc. KYC protocols are obligatory across all institutions enabling foreign investment account creation.
What are the options for foreign investment account opening?

Available jurisdictions include:

  • United States of America
  • Asia (Singapore)
  • Australia