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Our specialists can advise you on business regulation in the jurisdiction you are interested in, registering a company abroad and obtaining the necessary permits to operate. We are also ready to provide a range of necessary support services in the process of setting up a business abroad. To find out more about our services, please contact us at your convenience:

8A Henretta Szold St., Beer Sheva 8489433, Israel
+972 555 074 062
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@TKDeal +972 555 074 062

If you are seeking help in opening or acquiring a company abroad, relocating a business abroad, opening a bank account, obtaining a residence permit, opening a fund, obtaining licences to start a business, we will help you, regardless of who you are: a novice entrepreneur, an experienced business, or an individual.

Our company believes that helping your business achieve results starts with understanding your perspective, regardless of your sector, location, or target audience.

Our company policy is:

Provide the highest quality professional services to our clients;

Adhere to the highest ethical standards;

Expand boundaries and opportunities for new collaborations and partnerships;

Supporting and committing to a culture of collegiality in which we help each other to best serve our clients, our partners.

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Which is better: buying a ready-made company or registering a new business?

If you need to enter the market in your chosen jurisdiction quickly, you can buy a ready-made company and start trading immediately after re-registration. Typically, the process of registering a new company takes longer (depending on the country). It is also important to note that some jurisdictions do not allow you to purchase a ready-made company, so you will have to go through the process of registering a company. The decision therefore depends on the circumstances, the laws of the country and your objectives.

Why are business licences needed?

Business licences allow you to carry out business activities in accordance with the law. They indicate that the business has passed a series of checks and is safe for customers and consumers. Licensing is required for certain types of activities, such as gambling, financial services, crypto businesses, etc. Requirements for licensees may vary as each state sets its own regulatory rules.

Is it possible to open a corporate account with a foreign bank?

Financial institutions in some jurisdictions offer the possibility of opening an account for a non-resident company. However, due to the global trend of deoffshorisation, most countries have tightened their requirements. Now a non-resident company must go through a series of checks and provide comprehensive information about the owners to open a corporate account abroad. To assess the likelihood of opening a corporate account in your chosen jurisdiction, please contact us.

How do I set up a foreign fund?

One of the most important steps is to select the jurisdiction in which the fund will be established. You will need to consider the basic legal rules governing the establishment of funds and their subsequent activities, as laws vary from country to country. For this reason, it is worth seeking specialist advice during the planning and evaluation phase. You can contact experts who can provide comprehensive support in the process of setting up an investment fund.