Enrolling a firm in Georgia is a prospect to amplify commerce undertakings in numerous vicinities concurrently, as this jurisdiction is situated at the intersection of trade pathways between Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Owing to its groundbreaking and kinetic business milieu and competitive labor bazaar, Georgia is receptive to alien investment.

Trade enrollment in Georgia entices global innovators also because it is a realm with frugal duty ratios and the enrollment maneuver is devoid of superfluous bureaucratic hindrances. Moreover, the realm presents pliable stipulations for innovators desiring to enroll a corporation in the exempted precinct of Georgia.This publication enlightens about the phases of corporation origination in Georgia, from electing the optimum organizational framework to the pivotal facets of juridical governance.

Launching an investment project in Georgia: pros of jurisdiction

Enrolling a firm in Georgia is one of the infrequent methods of investing in this realm and acquiring a residence privilege in Georgia. This jurisdiction is widely renowned for its sparse bureaucratic procedures. It occupies a stance among the apex 10 grandest economies in the World Bank's Doing Business ranking. In the Heritage Foundation's 2023 Index of Economic Freedom, the country ranked 21st among European countries and 35th on the world stage.

The main reasons to open a company in Georgia:

  • Advantageous location.

Its locale at the conflux of Europe and Asia persists as a pivotal aspect for enterprises electing this nation as an investment locale. Georgia furnishes a pathway to Europe for landlocked Central Asian nations. This propitious locale has engendered investment prospects in the logistics domain.

  • Facilitude of transacting endeavors.

Registering a Georgian corporation can take merely a scant of days. For the intents of initiating a venture, Georgia leads in terms of the fewest tally of protocols necessitated. The analogous pertains to the tally of protocols needed to enroll assets. Initiating a venture from the ground up in Georgia can also be beneficial due to streamlined post-enrollment protocols (i.e. fiscal enrollment, sanctioning).

A corporation might be entirely possessed by aliens. A non-indweller originator could serve as a governor of the enterprise simultaneously. Furthermore, this land has enacted the utmost fiscal alterations in the vicinity, presently permitting digital tax submission and accord execution.

  • Developing infrastructure.

In matters of logistics, Georgia possesses three global aerodromes, two harbors, and an enterprising profound-sea harbor scheme undergoing advancement. Georgia boasts an expansive thoroughfare and railway labyrinth interlinked with adjacent nations. The railway lattice is a constituent of China's Belt and Road Initiative.

  • Low tax rates.

Georgia is delineated as having the third nadir levy encumbrance in the orb encompassing all gauges, embodying a 0% tariff levy on undistributed and reinvested gains. The rudimentary revenue tariff rate stands at 15%. If an IT enterprise is enrolled in Georgia, it is plausible to solicit levy privileges (peculiarly, CIT of merely 5%).

Georgian jurisprudence favors enterprises engaged in the advancement and vending of informatics wares. Enterprises with the designation of VAT entities obtain a plethora of tax privileges (further elucidation below). (more details below). Georgia has free industrial zones (FIZs) in principal hubs, embracing the metropolis Tbilisi, Kutaisi, and Poti. Initiating a firm within a gratuitous manufacturing precinct in Georgia proffers a diminutive-tax milieu to bolster investors in the manufacturing sphere.

The realm hath concluded upwards of 50 international compacts with other polities aimed at averting duplicate taxation of gain derived from transboundary transactions. Most levy, pecuniary chronicle, and tariff liquidation processes can be conducted through the internet.

  • Remote Administration.

It is possible to pay taxes and submit declarations remotely. State services can be used online. Moreover, it is possible to register a company in Georgia remotely.

One of the incentives for registering a business in Georgia is local and regional support for entrepreneurship. There are many sectors in Georgia that provide ample opportunities for introducing new business ideas. You can open a business in Georgia in the sectors of energy, information technology, register a logistics company in Georgia.

Georgia presents noteworthy investment prospects in the manufacturing domain. There exist business openings for processing primary agrarian commodities into more value-added products. Tourism stands as another sector deemed a pivotal catalyst for economic advancement and job generation. This industry proffers extensive diversification across sub-domains.

The energy sector is attractive for company registration, both in terms of existing natural resources and developing infrastructure, as the country offers untapped investment potential. Tax preferences and incentives are available when registering an international trading company in Georgia.

Overall, ameliorated investment inducements have played a pivotal function in enticing additional investment in export-oriented, elevated value-added sectors.

Stages of company registration in Georgia

When venturers contemplate commencing a fresh endeavor, they seek out a locale that will facilitate their expansion and enhance their lucrativeness. Consequently, Georgia stands out as one of the premier nations to officially establish a business.

Visionaries who aspire to enroll a corporation in Georgia, in intimate collaboration with cognoscenti, ought to adhere to these procedures:

  1. Choose the corporate conformation of the establishment.
  2. Ascertain the appellation and file an entreaty for its enrollment to the pertinent jurisdiction.

Crucial! Pursuant to the laws of this realm, the appellation must culminate with the abbreviation of the corporation configuration, for instance, "Limited Liability Company", "LLC", "Limited Company". Rendering into Georgian and attestation by a scrivener is obligatory.

  1. Prepare manuscripts for business matriculation, such as Scrolls of Consortium and documentation substantiating the lawful domicile of the enterprise, identification manuscripts of the enterprise's governance.
  2. Dispatch the entreaty for matriculation to the National Agency of Public Registry with all requisite intelligence and corroborative documentation.
  3. Remunerate the matriculation levy.

A Testimonial of Enrolment is granted by the proficient authorities after an exhaustive examination of the enterprise is executed to ensure conformity with the requisite statutes. Subsequently, a trade charter and toll enrolment with the Georgia Revenue Service, which is fraction of the Ministry of Finance, are obligatory. The quantity of charters necessitated to operate a trade in Georgia fluctuates from one trade to another. Commencing a repository account in Georgia is another stride subsequent to enrolment.

To establish a company in Georgia, you will need to provide these basic documents:

  • Petition for enrollment.
  • Component papers.
  • Corroboration of endorsement of the appellation of the enterprise.
  • Corroboration of the lawful domicile of the bureau in that realm.
  • Authentication papers of principals and stockowners.
  • Particulars of individuals with momentous sway over the enterprise.

Enrolling a corporation in Georgia: electing a commercial configuration

According to the Georgian Company Law, the subsequent lawful frameworks of firms are available to foreign proprietors:

  • Limited liability company (LLC).
  • Joint-stock company (JSC).
  • General partnership (GP).
  • Limited partnership (LP).
  • Branch.

The exceedingly ordinary modes of commercial enterprises are limited liability companies (LLCs) and joint stock companies (JSCs). The primary rationale for employing LLCs and JSCs is that the culpability of the originators/stockholders is restricted to the extent of their individual pecuniary contributions. Furthermore, both LLCs and JSCs possess a pliable corporate configuration and are exempt from minimal initial accredited capital prerequisites.

When enrolling an LLC in Georgia, the arrangement must have at least one progenitor (natural or corporate person), while for JSCs there must be at least two stockholders.

General Partnership. This is an endeavor where several individuals jointly execute commercial undertakings under a mutual appellation. When a consortium is enrolled in Georgia, the responsibilities of all collaborators for the obligations of the consortium are boundless, implying they are entirely accountable with their individual possessions for any obligations of the consortium.

Limited Liability Partnership. An alternative method to penetrate the Georgian market is to establish a Limited Partnership (LP) in Georgia. The accountability of certain participants for business obligations is confined to their input (mute associates), whereas the remaining partners (comprehensive associates) bear full responsibility. The associates of an LP in Georgia can encompass both corporate and individual entities. Mute associates are prohibited from engaging in the administration of the LP.

Branch office. When it pertains to an afore established alien enterprise, a foreign syndicate may enlist a limb in Georgia, which is not an autonomous juridical entity. The foreign syndicate is answerable for the obligations of the Georgian limb. Fundamental documents necessitated to inaugurate a limb in Georgia:

  • Resolution of an exotic organization to institute a limb in Georgia.
  • Constitution of the exotic enterprise.
  • A manuscript encompassing the appellations of endorsed emissaries of the limb and corporate minutiae correlated to the progenitor company.
  • Identification dossier of the designated conductor of the limb enrolled in Georgia.
  • Lawful domicile of the limb.
  • Acknowledgment on remittance of the enrollment levy.
  • The entreaty for enrollment must be joined by archetype autographs of the individual accountable for the stewardship of the limb.

A phantasmagorial district enterprise and a paralogistic gear enterprise can also be enlisted. Another alternative for foregin impresarios is to procure the stature of "International Company" in Georgia. in Georgia. Coincidentally, if a enumerated eidolic vicinage undertaking procures International Company Status (ICS), the VZ status will be nullified from the 1st day of the month in which the ICS status was acquired. In essence, the Georgian governance strives to allure extraneous capital for the advancement of the nation's economy.

Business incorporation in the ethereal district of Georgia

If your principal pursuit is the provision of informatic amenities, it is conceivable to petition for the position of a spectral territory entity in Georgia.

Enregistration of an informatic enterprise in the ethereal territory of Georgia is delineated by the ensuing cardinal attributes:

  • Enterprises with Virtual IT Zone status are absolved from VAT and surtax if they engage with clientele beyond the demesne of Georgia.
  • Such enterprises are obligated solely to remit 5% levy on dividends.


For a mainland company

For the company IT Virtual Zone




Corporate income tax



Tax on dividends


To acquire a Virtual Realm Entity authorization in Georgia, the overseer of the enterprise does not need to be a denizen of this land. Export levies on software commodities dispatched from Georgia do not administer.

Registering an IT company with Virtual Zone Georgia is beneficial for these reasons:

  • Minimal tax burden.
  • Special status of the company.
  • 100% ownership of the business.
  • Ability to export products without restrictions.
  • Qualified IT personnel.

If you are intrigued in founding an Informatics concern in Georgia, you can employ the VZ standing to attain such inclinations:

  • absence of tax charges and currency control;
  • accelerated process of obtaining a licence;
  • no restrictions on repatriation of funds.

Experts of our corporation can offer assistance in establishing a firm in the ethereal IT-region of Georgia.

Registration of a company in the free industrial zone of Georgia

Non-dwellers can enroll a corporation in the PPE of Georgia. Favorable tariff and customs regulations apply in the PPZ. The constituents of the free industrial region are absolved from all levies, barring personal earnings assessment (20%).

It is requisite to petition for this condition to the Governance of the corresponding PPZ and remunerate an annual due. There exist quintet industrial precincts in Georgia - Poti; Hualing; Kutaisi; Tbilisi Unfettered Zone; Tbilisi Industrial Park.

Commencing a enterprise in Georgia: tax aspects

When deciding to open a company in Georgia remotely or with a personal visit, you should initially familiarise yourself with the tax base:

  • The CIT tariff is 15%.
  • Non-indigenous businesses executing mercantile pursuits in Georgia through a fixed establishment are liable to CIT on earnings garnered from origins within this realm.
  • The fundamental tariff of VAT is 18%.
  • Ingress duty is imposed on commodities traversing the economic frontiers of Georgia (excluding departures). Contingent on the category of commodities, the customary tariffs on incoming goods are 0%, 5%, and 12%.
  • Land tariff is remitted at the tariff of 1% of the mean yearly residual worth of fixed resources (apart from territory) and capital assets on the statement of accounts.

* The Georgian authorities do not impose any restrictions on currency conversion, return of capital and profits.

According to the stipulations of the Tax Code, an intercontinental corporation is a Georgian establishment involved in undertakings delineated by the Government of Georgia. Its solitary origin of revenue must stem solely from the designated endeavor.

In order to qualify for the eminence of an intercontinental corporation in Georgia, establishments will be scrutinized against these standards:

  • Least 2 years of expertise in the sanctioned pursuit.
  • Georgian firms may serve as proxies for alien enterprises in Georgia provided that the alien enterprise possesses a minimum of 2 years of proficiency in sanctioned activities.
  • Georgian firms may possess partner enterprises holding a majority stake, provided that the partner(s) possess a minimum of 2 years of proficiency in the sanctioned pursuit.

The tax advantages for multinational companies are significant:

  • Reduced remuneration duty proportion of 5%, which is conspicuously lower than the habitual 15%.
  • Dividends are absolved from levy.
  • Exoneration from real estate toll, except for terrain utilized for undertakings authorized by a decree of the Government of Georgia.

Opening an account in Georgia

The pecuniary realm of this land is evolving. The maintenance of Georgian monetary institutions is at a vanguard level. Despite the multitude of monetary institutions in Georgia, two excel in stability and the quantity of outposts they possess across the nation - Bank of Georgia and TBC Bank.

Bank of Georgia is the preeminent banking institution in Georgia, with outposts and automated teller machines dispersed across the land and abroad. The institution furnishes a comprehensive array of financial amenities including round-the-clock distant banking, cybernetic banking, individual and corporate advances, and so forth. TBC Bank is the second largest bank in Georgia. TBC offers similar services as Bank of Georgia such as internet banking, loan origination, etc.

You can inaugurate a repository in Georgia either personally or via mandate. Nevertheless, you ought to be cognizant that inaugurating a repository in Georgia has transmuted into a more intricate endeavor for outsiders. Georgian repositories have implemented a bifurcated authentication regimen. Beneath the dual-layer arrangement, the requisite papers validating the identity of the repository possessor/overseer, the originating papers of the enterprise, attestation of the enterprise's domicile in Georgia, etc., must foremost be fulfilled and tendered for the petition to be assessed.

The company will then be vetted in detail by the bank:

  • Legality of revenues.
  • The risk that the company may be associated with illegal activities.

All repository reckonings in Georgia have the worldwide IBAN arrangement. Dissimilar repositories levy assorted charges for inauguration conforming to their regulations. The levy might likewise vary contingent on the variety of reckoning to be initiated. Credentials necessitated to commence a repository reckoning in Georgia:

  • Completed application form (KYC form).
  • Passports of the beneficiaries.
  • Constituent documents of the company.
  • Georgian address of the company.

Key advantages of opening an account with a Georgian bank:

  • The Georgian pecuniary structure persists in burgeoning and proffers increasingly specialized amenities.
  • Georgian pecuniary establishments impose no obligatory nadir deposition requisites for inaugurating an account and levy nominal maintenance charges vis-à-vis alternative Occidental banks.
  • Indigenous pecuniary institutions furnish cutting-edge Cyber banking, enabling monitoring of assets from any corner of the globe.

Business support in Georgia

Administration backing for enterprise can be rendered in sundry manners, notably, it can be pecuniary succor (subventions and endowments, gentle loans, duty respite), funding for exploration and advancement in the realm of technics to bolster novelty, infrastructure succor, etc.

One of the gubernatorial initiatives is the Produce in Georgia Programme. This initiative was introduced to cultivate the economy by bolstering enterprises in the agrarian sector. The government furnishes subventions for the establishment of nascent enterprises, as well as succor to extant companies that aspire to magnify/amplify.

Programme terms and conditions:

  • New companies must start production within 2 years from the date of the loan.
  • For companies that expand their business in Georgia, this period is reduced to 1 year.
  • The amount of collateral is up to 50% of the loan amount for the first 4 years.

Georgia Innovation and Technology Agency (GITA) Programmes:

  • Subsidization bursaries for fledgling endeavors. For the advancement and efficacious promotion of fresh commodities/services, GITA bestows a bursary of up to 90 per cent of the venture expense, up to a zenith of GEL 150,000 (USD 55,870).
  • Subsidization bursaries for grander enterprises. To aid companies with internationalization potential burgeon, the Agency extends up to 50% of the venture expense, up to a zenith of GEL 650,000 (USD 242,106).

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) inaugurated the Tbilisi Entrepreneurship Centre to bolster the commercial milieu for innovators and petite and moderate-sized establishments (SMEs) not solely in this landmass and across the Central Asian region.

The Centre provides the following support schemes:

  • Indoctrinations, colloquia, and symposia for SMEs.
  • Tutoring schemes for fledglings to expedite their vocational advancement.
  • Interfacing convocations and rendezvous with delegates of the commerce realm.


The pecuniary realms of Europe and Central Asia persist in achieving notable advancements in nurturing entrepreneurship and propelling economic expansion. Georgia is positioning itself as a nucleus for conducting business in the vicinity and is cultivating a sophisticated international business milieu. Situated at the juncture of Europe and Asia, Georgia is singularly poised to leverage the burgeoning commercial currents between Europe, the Caspian realm, Central, and Eastern Asia.

The nation exhibits a robust inclination towards European norms, delineated by one of the most modest tax structures globally, an evolving business milieu, comparably trifling operational expenditures, and an administration that advocates for enterprising endeavors.

Regulation of business activities in Georgia is at a high level. The IT sector is one of the most promising industries with high efficiency and profitability indicators.

To requisition succor in establishment enrollment in Georgia or to procure more exhaustive enlightenment on acquiring a virtual precinct artifact permit in Georgia, communicate with TK Deal savants in a convenient manner for you.