Georgia affords an occasion to procure a Georgia Payment Service Provider Licence sans a visitation, which shall permit its possessor to proffer online electronic remunerative amenities to its patrons. These amenities may be extended via the Internet through computing machines and portable contrivances. Acquiring a remunerative servitor permit in Georgia is executed by tendering an entreaty to the National Bank of Georgia (NBG) pursuant to the stipulations of the Statute of Georgia concerning Payment Frameworks and Remunerative Amenities. If one seeks a locale to enlist a remunerative servitor in Europe economically, Georgia might prove a viable preference. Within this exposition, we shall scrutinize the process of enlisting a remunerative framework in Georgia and securing a remunerative permit in Georgia.

Advantages of obtaining an EMI licence in Georgia:

  • Framework with superb repositories and unmediated ingress to the IBAN / SWIFT remittance lattice enables utmost pliancy in embracing and dispatching electronic currency.
  • Utmost seclusion and datum safeguarding. Not merely for the proprietor of the remittance facilities enterprise, but also for their patrons.
  • The most economical PSP authorization in Europe.
  • Georgia possesses an outstanding renown as a contemporary pecuniary bazaar.
  • Albeit the realm is not a constituent of the EU, it has conformed its edicts to certain sectors of European legislation. The regime has promulgated its own indigenous statutes to safeguard the native fiscal sector to circumvent lacunae in fiscal regulation in Georgia.

What services can be provided after obtaining a Payment Service Provider licence in Georgia:

  • Capacity to acquiesce funds from tertiary entities.
  • Implementation of pecuniary conveyances.
  • Bestowal of remuneration cards to its patrons.
  • Provision of pecuniary amenities to its clientele.
  • Commencement of accounts for transactions.
  • Implementation of interchange transactions, e.g. virtual currency into electronic currency and vice versa.
  • Electronic remuneration processing and all affiliated undertakings.
  • Dispensation of electronic currency.

Steps to obtain a PSP licence in Georgia without a visit

The inaugural step in the procedure of petitioning for a PSP permit in Georgia is to institute a Georgian restricted accountability firm or enroll a common capital corporation in Georgia. Instituting a firm in Georgia customarily consumes approximately a septenary, whereas PI enrollment in Georgia consumes from 3 months.

The next step is to prepare documents such as:

  • petition form;
  • functioning compendium;
  • anti-money laundering and financing of illegal activities manual;
  • enterprise blueprints;
  • any additional papers demanded by the National Bank of Georgia.

It is estimable musing that the corroboration is tendered in Georgian. Consequently, if this is not the circumstance, a rendition of all documentation is requisite.

Enrollment with the Georgian tax authorities will also be necessitated. The entirety procedure of enrollment of a Georgian payment service purveyor licence consumes from 2-3 moons after tendering of the consummated supplication. Once a Georgian e-money licence is acquired, the licensee will be mandated to tender periodic communiqués to the overseer. Tendering of such certificates must be executed punctually to assure the legitimacy of the indigenous PSP licence.

If you break down the steps in more detail, they are in this sequence:

  • Enrollment of EMI establishment in Georgia.
  • Inauguration of a provincial bureau.
  • Arrangement of all papers (AML Regulations, etc.).
  • Petitioning for EMI permit from afar in Georgia.
  • Commencing an account for a firm from Georgia.

Even if all conditions are met, the regulator reserves the right to refuse to grant a PI licence in Georgia.

Requirements for obtaining an e-money licence in Georgia

Any company registered in Georgia can apply for a payment service provider licence in Georgia. It is mandatory to have an operational office and a local manager/director in Georgia. The local firm will have to fulfil certain requirements set by the supervisory authority, such as:

  • The superintendents of the firm must possess sufficient erudition and expertise in the enterprise the firm intends to pursue.
  • Funds of at least 250,000 GEL (roughly 80,900 USD).
  • The submission for an e-money permit in Georgia must be bolstered by specific details, comprising: enterprise strategy, envisioned fiscal forecasts for the inaugural annum, AML/CFT Policy.

You will need to fabricate your own softwares to administer all your patrons' remunerations, their reckonings, dealings, individual attestations, etc. Multilingual softwares is the ingredient that sanctions you to administer clientele data as well as all remunerations with one click.


From a tax perspective, this licence has flexibility and scope for lower tax rates. Standard tax rates:

  • The state sales tax rate in Georgia is currently 4%.
  • VAT: 18%.
  • Income tax: 15%.


Georgia is currently captivating a copiousness of e-money purveyors. If you are intrigued in purveying electronic payment amenities in Georgia, acquiring a payment franchise in Georgia will be one of the principal stipulations. The inaugural stride will be to enlist a PSP enterprise in Georgia. It can be structured either in the guise of an LLC or a consortium stock enterprise. This is succeeded by tendering an entreaty for a payment franchise in Georgia to the overseer. Georgia proffers one of the most frugal alternatives for instituting a payment institution or procuring an e-money institution franchise in Europe. The payment accommodation purveyor franchise for an authorised payment institution or e-money institution is regulated in Georgia by the National Bank of Georgia (NBG). Our connoisseurs can furnish counsel on fiscal regulation in Georgia if you necessitate further enlightenment on this subject.