The company TKDeal provides assistance in registering a company in Kazakhstan, with authorization for conducting financial activities issued by the National Bank of Kazakhstan.

A company offering financial services within the territory of Kazakhstan may obtain authorization from the National Bank of Kazakhstan for a specific area of entrepreneurial activity. Authorization from the regulator for conducting operations with foreign currency and securities, cryptocurrencies, and for providing payment processing services grants you unparalleled flexibility compared to any other available license and permission worldwide.

The advantages of registering a company and obtaining permission from the National Bank of Kazakhstan include the following factors:

  • No restrictions when working with clients from other countries;
  • Corporate tax payable in Kazakhstan at 20% can be reduced to almost 0%;
  • Companies in Kazakhstan can be 100% foreign owned;
  • Issuance of permits;
  • Official accreditation from the National Bank of Kazakhstan is all you need to operate in Kazakhstan.

Possible types of activities for companies with permission to conduct financial activities in Kazakhstan:

  • payment processing;
  • payment services;
  • electronic wallet services;
  • issuance of debit cards through Mastercard / VISA Card;
  • hosting of trading platforms (FX and crypto);
  • forex and securities trading;
  • crypto trading;
  • financial advisory;
  • software development.

Step 1: Preparing documents

  1. Sending scanned passport and Due Diligence form;
  2. preparation of a power of attorney;
  3. certification and additional receipt of apostille;
  4. Sending original documents to Kazakhstan.

Step 2: Company registration in Kazakhstan

Registration of a company usually takes a week, taking into account the submission of documents and the inclusion of the company in the Commercial Register of Kazakhstan.

At the same time, a business description in Russian is being prepared.It is required to obtain a BIN (Business Identification Number) and enter it into the register; the BIN replaces the registration number and taxpayer number.

Step 3: Prepare for the license process in Kazakhstan and begin applying for a license

Upon establishment of the company within Kazakhstan's jurisdiction and its registration as a provider of financial services, coupled with the opening of a bank account, the process of applying for a license from the National Bank of Kazakhstan commences. Within a span of 4 weeks, your company is bestowed with official accreditation from the National Bank of Kazakhstan.

Step 4: Delivery of documents

All documents will be sent to your specified destination using professional carriers such as DHL Express, Fedex or UPS. The documentation will also be accompanied by certified translations from Russian into English.

A comprehensive proposal for registering a company and obtaining permission to conduct financial activities issued by the National Bank of Kazakhstan includes:

  1. Registration of a company on the territory of Kazakhstan;
  2. preparation for the licensing process;
  3. obtaining financial permission from the National Bank;
  4. support in opening a corporate bank account in one of the banks in Kazakhstan;
  5. support throughout the entire process.

To arrange a consultation with a specialist from TKDeal regarding company registration in Kazakhstan, accompanied by authorization for financial activities released by the National Bank of Kazakhstan, or to acquire further details regarding our company's services, please direct your inquiries to us.