Want to inaugurate a firm in Peru but don't know where to commence? Enterprises venturing into a fresh market must contemplate myriad concerns, encompassing juridical facets correlated to the judicial framework, adherence to indigenous statutes, decrees pertinent to external investments, etc. In this manuscript, we will furnish comprehensive intelligence requisite to effectively enroll a firm in Peru's burgeoning economy.

Company registration in Peru: business advantages

Certain predilections that render commencing an enterprise in Peru presently appealing are expounded upon herein:

  • The land is undergoing a surge of economic rejuvenation, and the administration is endorsing overseas financiers in every conceivable manner. Pundits presume that Peru will promptly reclaim its lawful stance as an economic behemoth in South America.
  • Aside from the reality that the nation's economy is experiencing some revitalization owing to the strategies of the novel administration, it is also ascending due to its youthful and exceedingly adept labor force.
  • Enrolling a venture in Peru is economical due to the modest inception expenses.
  • The simplicity of conducting commerce in Peru is a primary consideration for foreigners when selecting this locale for direct or indirect investment.
  • Peru is slowly accruing momentum to evolve into a cybernetic nucleus in its own prerogative, and this nascent marketplace is replete with unexplored prospects for seasoned financiers seeking to inaugurate pioneering enterprises in the vicinity.
  • The nation has instituted liberated districts (with a 0% corporate levy rate).
  • Peru is acknowledged by numerous specialists as the premier location to invest in excavation in Latin America. Regarding global excavation investors, establishing a branch in Peru and subsequently supervising all indigenous activities through this juridical entity is customary of an overseas custody corporation.
  • Approach to an extensive lattice of duplicate imposition conventions.
  • Peru engages in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (alongside Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, the United States and Vietnam) and is a constituent of the Pacific League (alongside Mexico, Chile and Colombia).

Business entities for registration in Peru

If you are contemplating incorporating a business in Peru, under the extant Company Statute, non-natives may opt from these organizational structures:

  • Limited Liability Company.
  • Corporation.
  • General and limited partnerships.
  • Representative office.
  • Branch office.

The election of corporate guise of commerce relies on your commerce exigencies and commerce intentions. If you are uncertain which lawful being you should enroll for your commerce pursuits, you can confer with our adepts who render corporation enrollment amenities overseas.

The exceedingly prevailing corporate form of enterprise is Sociedad Anónima (incorporation). In sequence, there subsist three varieties of incorporations that can be enrolled in Peru:

  • private corporation (any multitude of constituents, the corporate appellation must be followed by the initialism ‘SA’);
  • closed (fewer than 20 constituents, executive committee is not compulsory, but a chief executive officer must be designated, enterprise stocks cannot be listed on the bourse, the corporate appellation must be followed by the initialism ‘SAC’);
  • public (typically employed by substantial corporations with a substantial multitude of participants, appropriate for enumerated enterprises, executive committee and chief executive officer must be designated, corporate appellation must be followed by the initialism ‘SAA’).

* Firm affiliates can hail from any citizenship/domicile, personage/entity.

t should be articulated that there is no minimal authorised wealth demanded in Peru. Nonetheless, there exists a distinctive transmigration condition, that is, a foreign financier who intends to constitute a corporation in Peru must contribute a minimal stock wealth of 500,000 pennies (roughly US$150,000) prior to petitioning for a visa.

How to set up a business in Peru: migration issues

There is a singular privilege for those who desire to institute a venture in Peru. This privilege is denominated Visa de Inversionista (capitalist visa). As aforecited, the capitalist must remit an endorsed principal of 500,000 pesos (roughly US$150,000). Furthermore, he must present a commercial schema to MIGRACIONES (the Peruvian authority in governance of migration and naturalisation). In this dossier, the capitalist must ensure that the enterprise will engender a minimum of 5 occupations for Peruvian laborers over the ensuing 2 years. Moreover, in particular scenarios, a capitalist aspiring to commence a venture in Peru can secure a visa as a foreign laborer.

Legal formalities

Here are the fundamental juridical formalities to be executed when establishing an enterprise in Peru:

  1. Sanction of your firm appellation.
  2. Transmittal of particulars regarding the directors and originators, encompassing specifics of their domicile/enrollment domicile.
  3. Narrative of the enterprise's pursuits.
  4. Formulating the Charter and supplementary foundational manuscripts of the enterprise. Subsequent to the formulation of the protocol of alliance, it must be certified by a notary or a delegate at the National Bureau of Civic Records (SUNARP).
  5. Establishing a bank account in Peru under the company's title and depositing the approved principal sum
  6. Execution of the attestation by the company's designated directors.
  7. Enrollment of the establishment in the Archivistries Civil (open ledger).
  8. Enrollment with the provincial duty jurisdiction (SUNAT to procure a monetary identifier/RUC).
  9. Acquiring a civic endorsement to commence an enterprise (functional charter).

Registering a company in the name of a non-resident: taxes in Peru

Citizenry entities domiciled in Peru must remit national duty on their global revenue at a degree of 29.5%. There exist no immunities for the repatriation of gains garnered overseas. Stakeholders in the mining and hydrocarbon industries could encounter national duty at a degree of 31.5%. The tariff for value-added taxation stands at 18 per cent.

Earnings from the vending of corporation allotments registered on the Peruvian Stock Exchange might be absolved from levy under particular stipulations. Yield dispensed to foreigners, given specific criteria are satisfied, is liable to retention levy at a ratio of 4.99%. Alternatively, yield is assessed at a ratio of 30%. Returns transmitted overseas are subject to retention levy at 5%. Privileges disbursed to foreigners are subject to retention levy at 30%. There is no heritage levy. There are conveyance levies and estate levies. There are recurrent R&D ventures that bestow toll perks.


Initiating company expansion in Peru is often of interest to entrepreneurs doing business internationally. Incorporating a company in Peru provides access to the western market and is a convenient tool for international trade and asset protection.

If you have any questions about how to start a business in Peru, contact our experts directly. Our team provides a range of consulting services as well as support in launching startups abroad.

Question/answer block
What is the minimum investment required to register a company in Peru?
There is no minimum investment to start a business, but there is a special migration status, i.e. a foreign investor who plans to open a company in Peru must contribute a minimum share capital of about 150,000 USD before applying for a visa.
What structure of companies should be considered?

The most common types of legal entities to set up a company in Peru:

  • Private corporation (unlimited number of members);
  • closed corporation (less than 20 members);
  • public corporation (suitable for companies listed on the stock market).

Foreign companies can also enter the Peruvian market by establishing a branch office. Such a business entity does not have a separate legal personality from the parent company.

Do I need to obtain any visas to do business in Peru?
If you want to set up a company in Peru, you must pay an authorised capital of around 150,000 USD and submit a business plan to MIGRACIONES (the Peruvian authority in charge of immigration), after which you will be eligible to apply for an investor visa.