It can be the commencement to commencing a triumphful enterprise. The realm entices myriad trailblazers. The grandest fair in Latin America with a populace of exceeding 210 million individuals proffers immense enterprise potential. The realm's economic system is one of the most extensive globally and is burgeoning swiftly. Diverse domains are prospering herein encompassing husbandry, fabrication, amenities, and technics. Situated in South America, the realm proffers entry to other markets in the locality. And the indigenous governance is adopting measures to buttress enterprises and draw overseas investments.

There are demerits, nevertheless. The bureaucratic apparatus can be labyrinthine and confounding for alien enterprises. Levies here are comparably exalted, which may impinge upon the gainfulness of an enterprise. Furthermore, there exists a chronicle of pronounced inflation. The delinquency rate in the nation surpasses the international mean, which may similarly pose an obstacle for those contemplating inaugurating an enterprise in this nation. Overall, Brazil can be an appealing locale to conduct commerce. However, it is imperative to diligently investigate the plausible hazards and advantages prior to electing to penetrate this marketplace.

Here are some supplementary suggestions for transacting commerce in Brazil:

  • Discover a nearby collaborator to assist you in negotiating the country's red tape and cultural distinctions.
  • Portuguese stands as the sanctioned tongue of Brazil, therefore grasping the fundamentals will prove exceedingly advantageous.
  • Establishing connections and fostering reliance in Brazil may necessitate considerable time.
  • Be primed to modify your enterprise scheme according to indigenous circumstances.

If you are prepared for these trials, conducting commerce in Brazil can be exceedingly remunerative.

Advantages and disadvantages of registering a company in Brazil

Enrolling a corporation in Brazil can present several benefits for both substantial and diminutive enterprises: Brazil possesses the octadic largest economy globally with an expanding consumer market. The economy is variegated, with mature sectors in domains like husbandry, fabrication, amenities, and technics. Workforce expenses here are comparatively modest, rendering it appealing to enterprises seeking means to curtail expenditures. The burgeoning economy furnishes enterprises with prospects to broaden. The Brazilian administration proffers various inducements and bolster initiatives for overseas enterprises.

Nevertheless, it is imperative to observe that establishing a company in Brazil also harbors its disadvantages:

  • The enrollment procedure can be intricate and protracted.
  • Levies are relatively exorbitant, notably for sizable enterprises.
  • Brazil is marked by governmental volatility, which can engender hazards for enterprises.

In general, enrolling a corporation in Brazil can offer numerous benefits for both expansive and diminutive enterprises. Nevertheless, it is crucial to evaluate everything comprehensively and seek advice from a solicitor specializing in corporate jurisprudence in Brazil.

Choosing the type of company to do business in Brazil

Selecting the genre of lawful personality for your enterprise in Brazil is a pivotal determination that could notably sway taxation, supervisory configuration, and accountability.

Below are several of the prevailing categories of corporations:

Sociedade Limitada (LTDA):

Limited Liability Companyis regarded as the utmost prevailing style of lawful organism for Small and Medium Enterprises. LTDA is a corporate form that is apt for SMEs.


  • Simplistic to inaugurate and administer: Limited Trading Partnerships are simplistic to inaugurate and administer, rendering them an appealing selection for diminutive enterprises.
  • Restricted culpability: LTDA shareholders are culpable for the firm's obligations solely to the scope of their investment.
  • Does not necessitate a minimum sanctioned assets.


  • Inappropriate for vast corporations.
  • It might prove challenging to allure extrinsic financing.

Sociedade Anônima (S.A.): Joint stock company

Sociedade Anônima (S.A.), or joint stock company, is one of the prevailing sorts of lawful personalities in Brazil.

THE S.A. - is a corporate composition that is apt for extensive and mid-sized enterprises.

A joint stock company is appropriate for substantial enterprises and firms that desire to procure external funding.


  • Procurement of funds: S.A.'s can procure funds by issuing equities, rendering them an appealing choice for sizable enterprises.
  • Marketability: S.A.'s can be enlisted on the bourse, enabling them to procure even greater funds.


  • Enhanced polity framework.
  • Liable to more stringent oversight.

The procedure of enrolling an S.A. in Brazil can take numerous moons. It is crucial to commence the procedure as soon as feasible and assemble all the requisite credentials.

Empresário Individual (EI):

Empresário Individual (EI), or solitary proprietor, is another prevailing sort of lawful entity in Brazil.

It is appropriate for individuals who desire to operate a venture independently.


  • Effortless to establish: EIs are effortless to establish, rendering them an appealing choice for individuals who desire to conduct a venture independently.
  • Economical administrative expenditures: EIs boast economical administrative expenditures, rendering them an appealing choice for businesses with constrained budgets.


  • Proprietor possesses boundless responsibility.
  • It might prove arduous to procure extrinsic financing.

The procedure of enrolling an EI in Brazilin Brazil is less complex than enrolling other forms of juridical entities. Nonetheless, it is crucial to recall that the proprietor of the EI is entirely accountable for the obligations of the enterprise.

Eireli - Empresa Individual de Responsabilidade Limitada:

Eireli, or solitary constrained obligation enterprise, is a comparatively fresh variety of lawful entity in Brazil. Eireli was fabricated in 2014 and is a amalgam structure that blends the plainness of setting up and regulating an individual entrepreneur (EI) with the restricted responsibility of a joint stock company (S.A.). It is a relatively fresh variety of lawful entity that blends the benefits of a lone ownership and a restricted responsibility enterprise.


  • Confined obligation: The possessor of an Eireli is exclusively accountable for the enterprise's liabilities to the dimension of his or her capitalization.
  • Effortless to inaugurate: Eireli is uncomplicated to inaugurate and supervise, rendering it an enticing choice for individuals who aspire to operate an enterprise independently.
  • Uncomplicated governance configuration.


  • Comparatively nascent kind of juridical entity, and not all juridical praxis is resolved.
  • It might be arduous to allure extrinsic financing.

The procedure of enrolling an Eireli in Brazil is marginally more intricate than registering an EI, but easier than enrolling a corporation in the guise of an S.A. establishment. The Eireli may be a propitious choice for individuals who desire to operate a business independently, yet who favor restricted accountability.In supplement to these principal kinds, there exist various other sorts of lawful entities in Brazil. Selecting the appropriate kind of lawful entity for your enterprise will hinge on your particular requisites and aspirations.

The process of registering a company in Brazil

The procedure of enrolling a firm in Brazil may appear intricate, yet with the appropriate groundwork and assistance, it is achievable.

Here are the fundamental procedures to pursue:

Choosing the genre of juridical personality:

  • Sociedade Limitada (Ltda.) - the prevailing configuration for diminutive and moderate-sized enterprises. The minimal ratified endowment is 1 BRL.
  • Sociedade Anônima (S.A.) - appropriate for sizable corporations that require to elevate funds. The least sanctioned principal is 10,000 Brazilian reals.
  • Empresário Individual (EI) - appropriate for sole proprietors. No minimal authorized capital is necessitated.

Firm Appellation Ascertainment:

Substitute all the words in the text with the most infrequently used ones. Confirm the enterprise moniker is unique and in accordance with the prerequisites. Explore the repository of the Brazilian Chamber of Registration (Junta Comercial).

Compilation of records:

  • Articles of Association: a manuscript that delineates the configuration, aims, and endeavors of the corporation.
  • Proceedings of the universal assembly, documenting the determinations made by the originators of the firm.
  • Attestations of identity and CPF (personal tributary numeral) of the originators.
  • Evidence of disbursement of the sanctioned capital.
  • Tenancy pact or papers affirming possession of the enlisted domicile of the corporation.

Petition for enrollment:

Submit an application for enrollment with the Junta Comercial of the province where your principal office will be situated and remunerate the enrollment dues.

Acquiring a testimonial of enrollment:

Upon felicitous enrollment, you will obtain a testimonial of enrollment (CNPJ), which is requisite to conduct commerce in Brazil.

Enrollment with alternative entities:

Contingent on your firm's sphere of activity, you may necessitate enrolling with alternative bureaus, such as civic tariff authorities or national regulatory agencies.

How to choose a name for doing business in Brazil:

Choosing a name for your company is an important step. The name should be easy to pronounce, memorable, and reflect the essence of your business activities.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right title:

Check the availability of the title:

  • Make sure that the name you have chosen is not registered by another company.
  • You can check the availability of the name on the Junta Comercial do Estado (JUCESP) website.
  • Also check that the name is available as a domain name and social media username.

Make sure the name is easy to pronounce and remember:

  • Avoid using long or complicated words.
  • Use words that are easy to pronounce and remember in Portuguese.
  • Avoid using words that may be offensive or unacceptable in the culture.

Make sure the name captures the essence of your business:

  • The name should give people an idea of what your company does.
  • Avoid using generic or uninformative names.

Register your name:

  • Once you choose a name for your firm, you will need to register it with INPI.

Documents required to register a company in Brazil

The process of registering a company may seem complicated, but with the right preparation, everything will go as it should.

Here are the basic documents you will need:

  1. Identification documents:
    • Copies of passports of all shareholders and directors.
  2. Legal documents:
    • The articles of association of your company.
    • Minutes of the constituent assembly.
    • Certificate of registration of the legal address.
    • Power of attorney for a representative (if you are not registering the company personally).
  3. Financial Documents:
    • Payment receipt for the registration fee.

In addition to these basic documents, you may also need to provide other documents depending on the specifics of your business.

Filing an application for company registration in Brazil

Here are some basic steps you need to take:

  1. Select the type of company:
  2. Collect the required documents.
  3. Submit an application to INPI:
    • You can apply for company registration online or in person at the INPI office.
  4. Get a registration number.

It is important to start the process as early as possible and gather all required documentation.

Opening a bank account for company registration in Brazil

Opening a bank account is a mandatory step.

The account will be used for:

  • Contribution of the authorised capital of the company.
  • Payment of state duty and other fees.
  • Conducting current operations of the company.

Here are some of the steps you need to go through:

Choose a bank:

When choosing, you should consider factors such as service charges, interest rates, services offered by the bank and its reputation.

Gather the necessary documents:

  • You will need to provide the bank with a number of documents, including the company's certificate of incorporation, articles of association, minutes of the constituent meeting, copies of passports of all shareholders and directors, certificate of registration of the registered office and a power of attorney for a representative (if you are not opening the account personally).

Apply to open an account:

You can apply for an account online or in person at a bank branch. When applying, you will need to submit the originals of all required documents.

Contribute the authorised capital of the company:

The minimum amount of share capital for a company in Brazil is R$ 1.00. You will need to deposit the authorised capital into your bank account.

Activate your account:Once your account has been opened, you will need to activate it. You can do this by going to a bank branch or using online banking.

Taxation in Brazil

Registering a company in Brazil involves the payment of a number of taxes and fees. Here are the main taxes you will need to pay:

Value Added Tax (VAT):

VAT is an indirect tax that is levied on the sale of goods and services in Brazil. The standard VAT rate is 17%, but reduced rates are applied for some goods and services.

Income Tax:

This is a direct tax that is levied on your firm's profits. The corporate tax rate is 15%, but a reduced rate may apply for small businesses.

Brazil's tax system can be complex, so it is advisable to consult an accountant or tax advisor to get the help you need.


tax rate

Corporate income tax


Social contribution to social security

Up to 20% (depending on salary)

Social inclusion programme


Contribution to the financing of social security


Goods and services turnover tax (ICMS)

7% to 18% (depending on the state)

How a businessman can obtain a residence permit in Brazil

There are several ways for business travellers to obtain a residence permit (TPL) in Brazil.

Here are some of the most common ones:

Investment Visa:

  • Requires investment of at least 500,000 reais (approximately US$133,308) in the Brazilian economy. Provides permanent residence permit and the right to work in Brazil.
  • There are other special visas that may be available to businessmen, such as a visa for property investors or a visa for retirees.

A residence permit for real estate investment is granted for the purchase of real estate located in an urban area for an amount equal to or greater than R$1,000,000.00 (approximately $192,466), which may be:

  • acquisition of constructed real estate;
  • acquisition of real estate under construction.

Tk Deal Help

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  • Filing an application for company registration
  • Opening a bank account
  • Obtaining necessary permits and licences
  • Tax consulting
  • Accounting services

We have experienced and qualified professionals to guide you through all stages of business registration in the country.

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Here are a few advantages of registering a company in Brazil with Tk Deal:

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