Company registration on the island of Anjouan, which is part of the Comoros, has become a popular choice among investors and entrepreneurs. This is due to a number of advantages that this jurisdiction has to offer. Anjouan Island attracts international investors with its low taxes, ease of registration and minimal bureaucracy.Comoros also offers privacy and asset protection. However, before deciding to incorporate a company in Anjouan, it is important to make sure that this choice is in line with your objectives. This publication outlines the main benefits for those wishing to set up a company in Anjouan, as well as the steps in the incorporation procedure.

Anjouan Island Business Preferences

Anjouan provides entrepreneurs and companies with extensive business opportunities. Below are some of the preferences for starting a business in Anjouan:

  • Geographical Location. Anjouan is strategically located to provide access to various markets in Africa, Europe and Asia.
  • Stability of the political situation. Comoros has a stable political situation, which is an important factor for investors. The government protects private property and offers investors reliability in the long term.
  • Developed infrastructure. The island of Anjouan has a well-developed infrastructure, including modern office buildings, communication network, transportation facilities and other amenities necessary for the successful operation of businesses.
  • Favorable conditions for the development of entrepreneurship. Anjouan has favorable rules and conditions for business. This includes tax incentives, provision of land for construction and other support measures favorable to the development of entrepreneurship.
  • Simplified registration procedures. The company registration procedure in Anjouan is relatively simple and takes less time than in many other countries.
  • Developing financial sector. The island's banking system is gradually developing and investors are offered a wide range of financial services, including bank accounts, loans and e-commerce services.
  • Diverse industries. The island attracts investors from a variety of industries including manufacturing, technology, finance, tourism and other businesses. This contributes to a vibrant and diverse business community.
  • Innovation and scientific research. Anjouan is a center for innovation and research, attracting specialists and experts in various fields. It also has state-of-the-art educational institutions that offer quality education in various fields, which contributes to the development of a skilled workforce for business.
  • International connectivity. Anjouan Island is well connected internationally, including transportation routes and communication channels. This facilitates trade and cooperation with other regions and countries.
  • Tax benefits. The government applies low tax rates and a number of tax incentives for registered companies, which will help optimize tax liabilities.

Before making a final investment decision, get advice from an international business specialist, as each situation may have peculiarities and requirements. TK Deal specialists are aware of the peculiarities of the investment environment on the island and can provide step-by-step support in registering a company in Anjouan.

How do I register a company on the island of Anjouan?

In order to establish a company in Anjouan, certain procedures must be followed:

  1. Choose a corporate form. Most investors opt for forms such as limited liability company (LLC) or joint stock company (SA).
  2. Apply for approval of the original name.
  3. Submit an application and a complete list of documents to the regulator. An extensive set of documents will need to be submitted, including articles of incorporation and information identifying the company's management.
  4. Obtain special authorizations. Depending on the type of business you plan to operate, special permits or licenses may be required.

In addition, a corporate bank account must be opened for the company to function. This will enable the company's finances to be managed and bank transactions to be carried out.

List of required documents for company registration in Comoros:

  • Application for registration.
  • Constituent documents such as Articles of Association, which must be signed by all founders.
  • Copies of passports or other documents confirming the identity of all founders and directors of the company. The documents must be notarized.
  • A document confirming the place of residence of each founder and director of the company, such as utility bills or other official documents.
  • A letter confirming the registration of a unique company name.
  • Documents on the appointment of directors (as a rule, this should be a written declaration from the founders).
  • Confirmation of payment of government fees.

In addition to the documents listed above, additional documents or formalities may be required according to industry-specific requirements, etc. For detailed information on specific types of investments and registration requirements, contact knowledgeable professionals. They can help you make an informed decision based on your objectives and circumstances.

Establishment of a company in Anjouan: selection of the OFP

As mentioned above, foreign companies and entrepreneurs usually opt for an LLC/LLC (for small businesses) or SA/AO (for large enterprises) to launch their operations on the island.

Limited Liability Company — is

a popular form of business organization that provides flexibility in management. One of the main advantages of registering an LLC in Anjouan is that this form allows the business to operate as a legal entity separate from its owners. This means that in the event of debts or lawsuits against the company, the personal assets of the LLC owners are generally not at risk. This makes registering an LLC in Anjouan an attractive option for entrepreneurs who want to protect their assets. The island's legislation sets the number of LLC members: the minimum number is one, the maximum must not exceed 50. It does not matter whether the member is a physical or legal entity.

Societe Anonyme —

a company that has shareholders who own shares (represented by shares) in the capital, whose liability is limited to the amount of their contribution. SA is one of the most common types of organizations in Comoros and offers certain advantages, such as the ease of attracting investment through the sale of shares on the open market.

When registering an SA on the island of Anjouan, the company structure must have appointments:

  • Board of Directors: it is charged with the strategic management of the company. It consists of several independent directors who are elected by the shareholders.
  • Chief Executive Officer: appointed by the board of directors and responsible for the operational management of the company. He has the authority to make strategic and operational decisions in accordance with the policies set by the board.

International companies can also set up branches in Anjouan Island for the purpose of:

  • penetrate new markets and increase their customer base;
  • improve operational efficiency;
  • gain access to local markets, labor, technology and infrastructure;
  • localize production to reduce the cost of transporting goods and mitigate currency risks.

A branch is a subdivision of a foreign organization that is located and operates in another country. The main characteristics and structure of a branch are as follows:

  • Legal status: The branch has no separate legal personality. This means that the parent company is liable for all debts of the branch.
  • Functions: depending on the regulation of the parent company, the branch can perform various functions such as sales and marketing, distribution of goods, production, research and development, technical support and others.
  • Control: a branch is usually controlled by a foreign company. This means that the parent company makes strategic decisions, controls costs and manages the activities of the branch.
  • Management: during the registration of a branch of a foreign company in Anjouan, a director must be appointed.
  • Legal requirements: the branch is subject to the laws of the country in which it is located as well as international requirements. The branch must comply with financial reporting, tax laws, corporate regulations, etc.

Company registration in Anjouan: choice of industry

Anjouan Island has seen growing investor interest in sectors such as financial and IT technology, renewable energy, tourism, and logistics.

Financial technology or fintech. Anjouan has seen significant development in the fintech industry over the past few years. A few factors contributing to this development are:

  • Attractive tax policy: incentives for investors wishing to launch a fintech project, which stimulates the inflow of investment.
  • Development of digital infrastructure: including broadband Internet and mobile payments, which creates favorable conditions for fintech startups.
  • Development of the banking system: which includes both traditional banks and new fintech companies offering online banking, robotic asset management and other innovative financial services.
  • Development of a fintech cluster: including incubators, gas pedals and training centers, facilitates the exchange of knowledge and experience, and initiates the creation of new innovative projects.

Investors are increasingly interested in renewable energy projects because of the many benefits they bring to both the environment and business. Investors see the potential in developing such projects because of their potential to create new jobs in the renewable energy sector and because the prices of renewable energy technologies are falling, making these projects more commercially attractive.

Supporting and investing in renewable energy projects on the island of Anjouan will help accelerate the transition to a sustainable and environmentally responsible energy future. With investor interest, more funds and resources can be invested in renewable energy research and development, increasing its efficiency and expanding the share of renewable energy in total global energy consumption. One of the main strategies for the development of the renewable energy industry in Anjouan involves the installation of solar and wind power plants. In addition, energy price rebate programs, subsidies for energy infrastructure upgrades, and certain tax incentives are available to investors in this industry.

Investors can strategically benefit from logistics and trade for business development and scaling. Launching logistics projects in Anjouan is in demand among entrepreneurs from abroad because:

  • Anjouan is strategically located between Madagascar and the African continent, and is part of the Indian Ocean. This makes it a logistics center for the transportation of goods to different parts of the world.
  • Infrastructure is being actively developed here. The island has a well-developed port complex and airport, which ensures easy and efficient transportation of goods.
  • The island government offers incentives for entrepreneurs, such as exemption from income tax, import duties and VAT.
  • Enterprises in logistics and trade on Anjouan have the opportunity to explore and penetrate various markets in Africa, the Middle East and other regions.
  • The island is under development, which creates great business opportunities. New projects can make a significant contribution to the island's economy and receive government support.

IT sector. Many investors are interested in launching an IT business on the island of Anjouan for several reasons:

  • Comoros is characterized by its strategic position between Madagascar and Mozambique. It can provide convenient access to markets in Africa, the Middle East and the Indian Ocean.
  • The IT industry on the island is in its infancy and has huge potential for growth, as well as providing a competitive advantage.
  • The government offers low operating costs for IT companies. This can allow investors to reduce their costs and increase the profitability of the project.
  • Digital infrastructure is being actively developed on the island. This creates favorable conditions for attracting investment.

Below are some projects in the IT sector that could potentially be set up by foreign investors on Anjouan Island:

  1. Digital infrastructure development. Foreign investors can invest in building communication networks, improving Internet connectivity and expanding broadband Internet access on the islands. This will create favorable conditions for the development of the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud services and other high-speed technologies.
  2. Software creation and application development. Foreign investors can establish software production and development, developing applications and solutions for local and international markets. Software for company management, financial technology, e-commerce and other areas has great potential in Comoros and beyond.
  3. Digital Tourism. Investors can develop applications and platforms to support tourism and hotel services in the islands. This could include online hotel booking, local tours, authentic tourist information resources and other forms of digital support for the tourism industry.

Overall, launching an IT startup on the island of Anjouan could represent a promising opportunity for investors looking for new markets to expand their businesses.

Tourism. In Comoros, the tourism sector is one of the key economic sectors. At the moment, the country's potential in this area is still not fully realized. Attracting more tourists requires further measures to develop infrastructure, improve the quality of services and promote Comoros on the international market.

Foreign investors may consider the following opportunities to launch projects in the tourism sector on Anjouan Island:

  • Development of resorts and hotels.
  • Ecotourism. Anjouan Island is known for its natural beauty and rich ecosystems. Foreign investors can attract tourists interested in ecology and ecotourism by developing ecotourism facilities such as hiking trails, diving centers and organizing expeditions to study the local flora and fauna.
  • Establishing organizations that provide services and equipment for water sports may find demand on the island.
  • Improving tourism infrastructure such as airports, roads, communications and water transportation routes. Overseas investors may consider financing and improving such projects.

It should be noted that the island government is committed to modernizing infrastructure, including roads, ports, airports and telecommunications. Investors involved in infrastructure projects can receive support and incentives, such as exemptions from customs duties on imports of equipment and materials.


Anjouan has become one of the most attractive and dynamic business centers in its region. The island has a business environment where entrepreneurs from various sectors collaborate and develop their business ideas. Anjouan offers entrepreneurs extensive opportunities for growth and development due to its progressive business environment and strategic location.

The process of company registration is quite laborious and requires specialized knowledge. It is important to be aware of the requirements and procedures involved in choosing the legal form, registering the name, filing the necessary documents, and interacting with the regulatory authorities. Professional business registration specialists who have knowledge in this area will come to your aid. TK Deal's business consultants offer individual consultations on the regulation of investment activities in Comoros, as well as support in the process of company registration in Anjouan.