With Europe enacting stricter regulations on leverage and Australia undergoing significant regulatory changes—two countries that were previously preferred by forex brokers—both well-established and up-and-coming forex brokerages are eyeing Mauritius. The increased interest from international firms looking to get a forex broker license in Mauritius in recent years can be attributed to a number of factors, including flexibility in the use of credit resources, competitive capital adequacy standards, and favorable tax structures.

Mauritius’ license: benefits

  • Stable politics, strong growth.
  • Dynamic economy,
  • Modern Securities Act.
  • High-tech infrastructure, strong ICT sector.
  • Abundant skilled specialists.
  • Mauritius has signed a number of regional and international agreements.

How to obtain a brokerage license?

Mauritian legislation prohibits any financial activity without the requisite license, with infringement thereof leading to specified sanctions. Hence, to establish a company for entry into the local Forex market, obtaining a license in Mauritius is imperative.

The State regulatory body responsible for overseeing, monitoring, and regulating brokerage activities and issuing licenses to forex brokers is the Financial Services Commission (FSC). The Commission strives to adhere to high standards of regulation and supervision of all non-banking financial operations and is an active member of IOSCO (International Organization of Securities Commissions) and CISNA (Securities and Non-Banking Financial Institutions Commission).

Licensing of brokers in Mauritius is conducted in accordance with the Securities Act, the Securities Licensing Regulations, and the Financial Services Act. The primary responsibilities of the FSC include:

  • control over compliance with all international norms and standards in Mauritius;
  • promoting collaboration among domestic and global regulators to enhance oversight and management of the financial framework, facilitating the exchange of information to uphold stability and equity;
  • increasing financial stability through cooperation, support, and mutual assistance;
  • elimination of money laundering, tax fraud, financing of illegal activities;
  • issuance and revocation of financial licenses;
  • monitoring, control over licensees;
  • applying to a court of a competent country for an injunction.

Procedure for obtaining a Mauritius Forex license

  • Company registration in Mauritius (from 7 days).
  • KYC check of key persons of the company;
  • Applying for a Global Business License (GBL1);
  • Constant communications with FSC.

Issuance of forex licenses for currency operations by financial institutions is granted by the FSC within a six-month timeframe. The FSC provides three separate classes of brokerage licenses.

Investment dealer license

Financial advisor

Investment consultant

With underwriting

Without underwriting



No limits

With limits

Financial prerequisites

10,000,000 MUR (± 234,000 US dollars). Suitable for brokerage companies operating under the STP/A-Book model.

1,000,000 MUR (± 24,000 US dollars). Suitable for dealerships operating under the Market Maker/B-Book model.

700,000 MUR (± 18,000 USD)

600,000 MUR (± 15,000 USD)

600,000 MUR (± 15,000 US dollars)

500,000 MUR (± 13,000 USD)

Permitted activities of a dealer company in Mauritius

Intermediary services when making transactions with securities for clients;

Trading securities as a principal for the purpose of reselling securities to the public;

Distribution of securities from the part of the issuer or security holder;

Investment advice that is in addition to the normal course of business;

Client portfolio management.

Intermediary services in making transactions with securities for clients;

Trading securities as a principal for the purpose of resell them to the individuals;

Investment advice as a complement to daily business operations;

Client portfolio management.

Carrying out customer orders;

Management of client investment portfolios;

Giving customers guidance on securities transactions.

Carrying out client instructions without providing advice.

Management, according to official instructions, of securities portfolios;

Providing advice on securities transactions through printed materials or any other means.

Offering guidance on financial transactions via printed materials or alternative mediums.

Basic licensing requirements

As previously noted, the Forex permit in Mauritius is gaining traction among numerous brokerage firms globally. It's essential to highlight the primary aspects of the certification procedure:

  • A comprehensive Investment Dealer License empowers firms to engage in a multifaceted array of brokerage activities, ensuring the security of client assets. It is solely available to corporations registered within Mauritius.
  • It is necessary to have a real registered office in the country and a resident secretary;
  • Capital threshold depends on the category of Mauritius investment dealer license;
  • You need to open a bank account in Mauritius;
  • The presence of at least one director - an individual (resident of Mauritius) with the necessary knowledge and experience in managing a financial company.

To maximize the advantages of an FSC brokerage license, strict adherence to several regulations is imperative. Foremost among these is the prohibition for companies to engage in commercial transactions with individuals and legal entities who are residents of Mauritius. Additionally, it is forbidden to transfer one's own legal address for utilization by other companies with foreign participation.

Required documents to obtain an investment dealer license in Mauritius:

  • application for a license;
  • the company's hierarchical arrangement, delineating the makeup of the board of governors, stakeholders, a roster of executives, and other individuals tasked with overseeing the company's operations.
  • a three-year business plan that projects profits and losses;
  • draft brokerage agreement concluded with clients;
  • internal procedures manual;
  • anti-money laundering procedures manual;
  • a document indicating how and where the company will operate;
  • information indicating the profile and location of the company's target customers;
  • detailed information about the company's operating methods (work schedule);
  • confirmation of the availability of a trading platform;
  • notarized copies of passports;
  • a letter of recommendation from the bank confirming an open account (at least 2 years) and no debt.

Taxation. Accounting and Auditing

Standard corporate tax rate

15% reduced to a net effective tax rate of 3%.

There are no exchange control restrictions.

Free repatriation of profits, dividends and capital.

The audit should be conducted in Mauritius. The company will be required to file independently verified financial reports and tax documentation within 90 days of the year-end closing date.


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