The MFSA earnestly bestows to the governance of the monetary technic realm in Malta by in Malta dispensing counsel and legislation. In recent times, instigating a groundbreaking inception in Malta has amassed charisma, a predilection additionally substantiated by the promulgation of the EU Payment Services Directive (2007/64/EC) and the EU E-money Directive (2009/110/EC).The MFSA promulgated a parley script expounding the stewardship of ICOs, vaporous monies, and kindred sustentation suppliers in Malta. This stratagem strives to accentuate Malta's distinction as a congenial jurisdiction for the monetary technics sector.

Governance of monetech enterprises in Malta: the pecuniary regulatory structure

The pecuniary amenities legislation in Malta encompasses four principal Enactments in conjunction with the statutes and ordinances ingrained therein:

  1. Banking Act.
  2. Law on investment services.
  3. Law on Insurance Business.
  4. Law on Financial Institutions.

The procedure of enrolling a fintech corporation in Malta, with the intention of participating in unconventional regulated pursuits concerning recognition establishments, pecuniary entities, capital enterprise provisions, and assurance services, is anticipated to be governed by one or more of the aforementioned statutes.

Varieties of financial technology enterprises that might be instituted in Malta

Personages harboring an inclination to commence an enterprise within the pecuniary technoscience domain in Malta possess the alternative to elect from a multifarious spectrum of fintech endeavors:

  • compensation provision enterprises;
  • enrollment of an electronic currency establishment in Malta;
  • distributed ledger resolutions enterprises;
  • initiating a crowdsourcing enterprise in Malta;
  • foundation of a Maltese capital pool engaging in cryptographic money.

Maltese pecuniary establishments possess the occasion to partake in the formulation of unprecedented fiscal commodities for experimentation and testing intents.

Beneath what circumstances is a fintech enterprise susceptible to licensure?

Individuals aiming to instigate a financial technology (fintech) enterprise in Malta must file an application for one of the permits issued by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA). Providers of Financial technology amenities in Malta acquire authorization under the Banking Act for offering the specified services:

  • Accede contributions from the Maltese populace, retractable or reimbursable:
    1. Upon requisition/entreaty;
    2. Termination of a stipulated duration;
    3. Subsequent to intimation;
  • To requisition/assemble currency from the Maltese populace for the objective of employing it in its entirety or partially by disbursing it to others.

Moreover, subsequent to the registration of a Maltese fintech corporation, such commercial entities are obliged to apprise the MFSA, facilitating the augmentation of their banking licenses to encompass supplementary services:

  • remuneration amenities;
  • dispensing and overseeing alternative modes of payment (e.g., peregrinator's drafts);
  • commerce in diverse pecuniary instruments;
  • advisement on portfolio governance;
  • secured safekeeping;
  • sponsorship of equity proffers and involvement in such proffers;
  • credit allusion amenities;
  • safekeeping and governance of securities;
  • issuance of digital currency.

The quintessential aspiration of the Capital Outlay Facilities Edict is to oversee unparalleled pecuniary amenities, both domestically and internationally regarding specialized implements. The expanse of dealings and possessions expounded in the Edict corresponds with the provisions itemized in Annex 1 of the EU Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (MiFID II). Consequently, fintech conglomerates offering these singular dealings within or from Malta in association with distinct contrivances are obligated to secure a fiscal commendation in Malta pursuant to the edicts of the Investment Services Edict.

On the contrary, the Financial Institutions Act regulates the undertakings, whether situated in Malta or elsewhere. Procuring a fintech license in Malta under this Act encompasses:

  • bestowal;
  • pecuniary chattel leasing;
  • pecuniary amenities pursuant to the EU Pecuniary Amenities Directive II (2015/2366/EU);
  • emergence of electronic currency;
  • commerce in sundry pecuniary apparatus on behalf of patrons or for their own reckoning;
  • subscribing of equity offerings;
  • currency brokerage amenities;
  • emergence and governance of alternative modes of compensation.

Information shelter and AML obedience

Pertaining to the manipulation and transference of information in the sphere of financial technology endeavors in Malta, adherence is dictated by the specifications elucidated in the EU Data Protection Act. It's noteworthy that Malta, being an adherent of the European Union, harmonizes its regulatory framework with the pertinent EU standards. Moreover, foundational legislation addressing illicit monetary activities and sundry other fiscal transgressions is established.

  • Safeguarding Against Fiscal Cleansing Statute.
  • Provisions on prophylaxis of pecuniary purgation and pecuniary patronage of unlawful acts.

The regulatory frameworks outlined in this document actualize the instructions of the European Union Quadruple Illicit Capital Cleansing Instruction (2015/849/EU). In the event of an inclination to form a Maltese entity for providing fintech services, functioning as a "relevant financial institution," this entity will be regarded as a component beneath the Obviation of Currency Filtration Enactment and the AML/CTF Regulations. Additionally, it is crucial to comply with the Implementation Protocols and diverse recommendations provided and routinely revised by the Financial Crime Supervisory Authority in Malta.

Transnational oversight of financial technology endeavors

If an innovative finance entity possesses an authorization within the EU or EEA and aims to proffer its services in Malta through EU passporting, it is not mandated to secure an investment or banking authorization in Malta. Nevertheless, the ambit of permissible undertakings for an innovative finance entity in Malta under the EU passporting privilege is confined to those sanctioned in its jurisdiction of incorporation.In the example of an avant-garde corporation located in a third world (i.e., outside the European Union) desiring to provide amenities within or beyond Malta, it must secure approbation from the MFSA and settle a subsidiary in Malta. This is relevant as long as its activities do not fulfill the prerequisites for exclusions under the relevant enactments.


Malta has attained acknowledgment for its propitious milieu, nurturing the enrollment of enterprises within the pecuniary domain and procuring a crypto permit in Malta. The municipal-level administration is earnestly endeavoring to institutionalize the state as the foremost jurisdiction for enlisting fiscal enterprises in the EU. This undertaking is distinctly aimed at proffering Maltese financial establishments a visionary regulatory milieu. If you pursue additional particulars and aid concerning securing a Fintech permit in Malta, do not hesitate to contact the experts at TK Deal.